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Do not be afraid to stand out in a crowd!

“The truth is that it doesn’t matter that people will laugh at you, think that you are weird, or feel your dreams seem totally unattainable – You must not listen to them. They are too entrenched in the limited herd mentality to see the greater possibilities that are available. . .What is different about you is what makes you special.”

Bernard Hiller

Take a moment today and remember a time in your life when you felt invincible.  When you felt like you could become whoever you wanted to be, you could do whatever you wanted to do, and you embraced the endless possibilities for your life.  Now, stay in that moment, feel that reality, and experience the amazing and miraculous dreamer that you are.  Let that sense of wonder and potential permeate every pore of your being. Disengage from any fear that people will laugh at you, think that you are weird or feel that your dreams are unattainable. Hold onto that vision of your life and get comfortable with standing out in a crowd as you are. You are special and this world needs you. There is a loving energy urging you on and your inner voice stands ready to guide you. Embrace your “normal” and you will attract the most amazing, exciting and eclectic group perfect for you.   You will attract individuals who think outside the herd mentality. And you will flourish without fear as you dance on a journey that will be all sorts of colorful instead of gray any day!  If you do, hold onto your unicorn, it is going to be an amazing ride!

Magical Key to Bliss: Expose a part of your crazy, wonderful, different creative soul to the world today.

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