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Day 6, 7 & 8 of the Artist’s Way!

I am a little behind in my blog because I was traveling on Sunday and had to go back to the day job today! As I finished the first week of this creative discovery journey, I have just one thing to say “I am exhausted!”  As Day 6 started, there was one creative stimulation after another.  We started the day at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC, right by Rockefeller Center. My parents were married there on July 31, 1965.  Quite a significant date for me, for it was their union that created me and allowed me to be on this creative and spiritual journey in life.  My father reminisced on that day so long ago as he retold the story of seeing my mother walk down that long and beautiful path to him on that altar. Surrounded by the beautiful gothic architecture emblazoned with intricate detail colored with gold, I could only imagine how majestic and young they looked as they began their marital journey together. Last year when we came here on our daddy and his girls weekend there was a lot of sorrow in my heart for I still was experiencing the intense pain of mourning the loss of my mom.  This year was different.  I was looking for signs rather than looking to hide.  After we said a prayer to my mother in gratitude that we were all together, a little girl walked right by us in front of the altar. Her dress was covered with colorful butterflies, as many know the butterfly is a sign that my mother is there with us, no doubt sent from her to acknowledge that she heard us.

On our way out, we went past the gift store.  Looking at the different saints, this gentleman named Ernie offered me a silver medallion of the Virgin Mary.  He said to me that she would heal me as this medallion was miraculous. I gladly took it and welcomed the idea that perhaps this was a part of my recovering my creativity, healing it.

That afternoon I spent with my aunt and my dad at the Guggenheim Museum. What a afternoon that was!  We saw the Kadinski Exhibit and I got to enjoy a philosophical discussion with my father as we perused the different paintings.  In addition, we saw Picasso, Cezanne, Manet, Miro to name a few. And standing in the middle of the atrium looking up to the ceiling and viewing the beautiful spiraling staircase designed by Frank Lloyd Wright all aglow in flourescent blue, who would not be inspired by that.

We enjoyed two plays that day- the remake of Pippin. Fantastic with a message to leave the spirit dwelling on the present moment and the simple pleasures in life!  Then we saw Kinky Boots- and what a show that was- anyone going to NYC must make it a point to go see this show!  The acting, singing, dancing, storyline, energy was enough to lift your soul for a year!  Amazing!!! And the kinky boots- sex is in the heel!

We even made it to a fantastic restaurant Jekyll’s and Hyde’s where we ventured on the entertaining side of the macabre.  Day 6 was just amazing!

Day 7- I needed to catch my breath! I think that on this journey you need to take some time to sit in silence and process all of it. I was doing my best to do so, was on my way back home as the trip had come to an end and just wanted to sit with all that had happened. It was not too difficult as there was a 2 1/2 hour delay of our flight anyway!

I did make it that night to our second meeting of the Artist Way group. Not quite sure what to expect, we all shared out artist date for the week.   I had so many that I could not believe that I had to choose just one. It was a very pleasant evening, but like I said I was exhausted.

Day 8- back to work! I think that the most profound thing that was said to me today was by a friend who had shared with me the following:  The goal in life is to wake up in the morning and go to a place where what you do does not feel like work.  You love it so much that you feel guilty about taking a paycheck.  Well I doubt I will ever feel guilty, but yes the goal is to do something that you love so much that it does not feel like work.  So as I start my second week of this process, I am going to keep that in mind.  I did remember to say that it is the journey not the destination, so not looking for results needs to be one of my first steps,  I am just going to do my best and savor every moment of my creative recovery to the point where it becomes so much fun that it could never be any work! Yea that sounds about right to me! Onward and upward my fellow artists- let’s create away!

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