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Create brilliance with kind words!

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Blaise Pascal

All of us use language in our daily lives. Whether written or spoken, the words we use form the basis of the relationships we develop as we move through our journey here. Whether we think about their impact or not, the words that come out of our mouths can either build bridges to enable better communication or tear them down creating obstacles to positive growth. Words can be used as a magical elixir that heals or can be used as a poisonous concoction that could harm beyond belief. And, it is hard to deny the power of uplifting and empowering words that spark profound and brilliant changes for the audience that receives them willingly. We all have witnessed throughout history examples of words used well in the form of inspired speeches that have long remained great examples for generations. We all have been taught proverbs over time that advise to remember kindness when choosing the way we express ourselves to another. We all have been offered opportunities throughout our lifetimes to be mindful as we reach out to connect with our world. Sometimes we take advantage of using kindness in our connections and sometimes we do not. However, if we pause to think of the positive power of our words before we speak, we can set out to share our truth with others in such a way that better the world around us. Then, we are more aware that what we share can be positive force that can create an environment for the conversation to continue rather than cut it off completely. When we take a deep breath and use our words to build bridges, then the space that was there previously can finally be tied together to allow the field of potential to take over to create amazing things. Today, let your words convey hope for a better world, let your words grab on to faith in all things good, let your words share the tremendous love waiting for all of us, and most of all let your words allow for forgiveness when we err. And choose well to create for yourself and others a brilliant place bolstered by kindness where we all can thrive. It costs nothing to do so!

An excerpt from the metta meditation (metta means loving kindness) May you be happy. May you be safe and protected from harm. May you be healthy and strong. May you live with ease.

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