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Come alive before the world!

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy Easter! A time of great transformation. A time where you get to celebrate the truest lesson of love, one person’s sacrificing for another. Where you are reminded that if one person’s life can make a difference to the world, so can yours! You are both the student and the teacher of life. When you are present to the moment, you get to witness the simple things that make the experience of living worthwhile. Then you must teach what you know to pass the lesson on.

Each event in life offers an opportunity to learn, heal, grow, transform and rejoice. You must experience each one to gather the pieces of your mystery to create the masterpiece that is your life. Embrace those moments and allow the journey to unfold by getting into your flow that will Allow your life to be a positive example for all to see. You are a great student of love, so be sure to teach it as well.

What will your lesson plan be? Will you show your humanity by sharing your imperfections and vulnerabilities? Will you share your great love for life and others by reaching out to find the connections? Will you take the leap of faith that will comfort you in the notion that there are no coincidences in life? The answer can only be simply yes. For the universe is waiting for you to step into your dreams and show the world, transforming ever so beautifully at that. That reality is so simple and sweet.Take a deep breath now and rest in God as you allow and surrender to that love in it’s truest form. And as spring overtakes you, allow yourself to come alive right before our eyes.

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