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Building a beautiful life!

Building a beautiful life!

“You just don’t luck into things  as much as you’d like to think that you do.  You build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.”  Barbara Bush

Sometimes things happen in life that we wish we could change or we wish we could have done something differently.  I find that when I take a different perspective on these types of events then I won’t get stuck in the negativity of the moment.  For instance, perhaps something happens where you think your world is over because of the tremendous impact it has on your life.  In the angst of the moment, you become overwhelmed with the pain felt not being able to imagine relief.  However, as the seasons of your life change, the despair that you may have experienced in the winter period will give way to the spring of a new life when you allow and surrender slowly to the healing process.   When you reach for support and love that surrounds you, then when the numbness subsides little by little, you will begin to realize that an experience where a profound change impacted your life has given way to opportunities and relationships that have significantly changed you for the better.  And when the light of summer shines brightly again, you will smile in gratitude for the events that have made you a stronger person. Knowing full well that without that experience, you would never have grown to fully bask in all the wonderful friendships that were made and new pathways that have come to your life.  All seasons present that have allowed you to build step by step a beautiful life that allows you to become what you might be with faith and trust! 


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