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A vital key to a healthy life-make it a habit to rest when you are weary!

You may have heard the proverb made famous by the thriller The Shining, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well you can insert your name for “Jack” and the same applies for all of us.  While working hard is a key to successful life, so is the need to rest and renew yourself on a consistent basis. Don’t wait until you are almost on your last leg so to speak and exhausted. It will be even that more challenging to bring yourself back to balance and equilibrium. When you are weary, tempers may boil over, anxiety may start to take over, fear of the unknown may be fueled, and your passion for life may be dulled along with an enthusiastic spirit. Nothing good comes from a person who is working on a deficit of energy.  Nothing new or innovative comes from a person whose emotional or physical bank account has been depleted.  Nothing loving can come from a relationship where both individuals feel like they are constantly sacrificing and never taking the time to care for themselves.  While society dictates that habits regarding fitness, work ethic, disciplines or nutrition need to be fine tuned and changed for the better, you need to also include the habit of scheduling times of rest and renewal as well as a vital key to a healthy life.  Go to the beach, take a walk in nature, get away for the weekend, take the time to sit and read a good book, or schedule something that will revitalize your soul.  Take a day out of your week to go on a date by yourself, take a weekend where you go to the spa to renew your body, or take a week to hang out with friends and just laugh and make wonderful new memories. Make it a habit to rest so that your life will maintain a balance that will assist you in experiencing more joy, more life and richer and more fulfilling personal and familial relationships.  From my own personal experience, coming back from a week of rest and relaxation has renewed and revitalized my own spirit so that I can keep an open mind to the experiences that will come my way and an attitude of gratitude as to the blessings that arrive with it!  So do yourself the favor take the time to rest and renew! And if you are feeling bold, turn off your cell phone and unplug from the world. You will return to your life feeling rested and ready to go! Brighter and better than before! Even the sky shines brighter after the clouds pass after a storm.  Take a break and you will see your inner light shine glow again! Try it and I assure you will you feel a transformation that will give you a natural boost of energy!  Listen to your body and you will start to be aware of the cues that it is time to step away from the busy and hectic life that you are used to and make it a habit to balance work and rest- it really is a vital key to a healthy and fulfilling life!  When you do, you will be excited to get back to work- imagine that?!? Even the Bible says that after creating the universe, quite the undertaking, God made it a priority to rest. Good advice I should think!! And the grass that is the foundation of your life will start to seem greener, I just know it!

English: the shining path or life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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