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5 Joys to look for this Holiday Season!

My husband always says, “you never know who you will meet until you get off the couch!” It is truly amazing all the life that is going on out in the world. And when the opportunities pop up over the holidays to go and either receive or spread some cheer, you would be remiss if you did not strike while the iron is hot.

There are generally two different types of reactions from two different camps of people to holiday networking invitations: Introverts, who get their energy from having a lot of alone time, may just run and want to take a pass as being in these types of social settings may be too much for them.  While extroverts, who get their energy from interacting with people, may overextend themselves saying yes to every invitation that comes their way trying to please everyone and end up exhausted. When you keep the following 5 Joys in mind and balance a little of both camps in the unfolding of the holidays, there is no telling what can be discovered pacing yourself and reflecting back on all that is good.

JOY #1: Good will towards others.  When the Holiday lights go up, preparation for the upcoming celebrations have begun. While you busy yourself looking for the perfect gift, you also remember others who may not have.  Last night I attended an Alumni Networking Event for my law school that was helping the Marines collect for Toys for Tots. While it really felt good to reunite with former colleagues and students that I have mentored in the past, the additional endorphin kick I got from donating a toy that will benefit a child on Christmas morning did make me feel joyous.

JOY #2: Meeting new people. Outside the comfort zone is where you go when you want to shake things up a little. Getting out of the box that you have created for your niche in life is also the goal.  So when you are invited to go to an event hosted by a group that is entirely outside your professional field, whole-heartedly say yes to open up your world to who new you may meet. And when you go with an open mind, extend your hand, introductions made can pave the way to something truly wonderful. I know from experience that joy happens in those unexpected moments.

JOY #3: Get Creative. I have a friend who year after year outdoes herself with her theme Holiday parties. While I often see this as a challenge, after speaking with her and learning how excited she was, this year I saw this as a creative opportunity instead. Then I thought, people of all mindsets feel a little bolder when they dress in costume. The joy they get from seeing how other’s creativity unfolds is another added benefit. That coupled with good food and wine, how can one go wrong. Even the shyest of the bunch can become another if not for just one evening.

JOY #4: Celebrating your accomplishments. When the end of the year comes to a close, there is nothing better than setting aside time with those you love to do a year in review. Perhaps a date night between you and your significant other or even a small group of friends, sitting down to acknowledge what you have moved through to rise to another stage in your life.  It is very important to take the time to mark these moments on your journey. With good music, dance or even a candlelit dinner with calm mood music, joy comes from seeing where you have come from so you can set the tone for where you are going.

JOY #5: Making new memories and traditions. Holiday laughter and cheer is what you wait for all year. If you know someone who may not have the opportunities that you do, then reach out to them and extend an invitation to make new memories . Having loved ones who are no longer with us, it becomes more important to make the most of the time with the people that we have in front of us. Sit in the quiet if you must. Reflect upon your inner guidance to discover who, what, where, when you can be of service to another during a time of year that can be a challenge for some. And act upon your internal guidance to bring more love into your world. You can truly be someone else’s angel. This can be the best time of year for that and JOY, new memories and new traditions most definitely will follow.


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